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Spring Rate Conversion Chart & Calculator

So that you’ve determined you wish to have an o.e.m suspension to your automotive or truck however can’t come to a decision on which logo or which type to get as a result of there are such a large amount of permutations no longer in simply options but additionally specifications akin to probably the most essential ones – spring charges.

When taking a look at spring charges you steadily occasions want a spring charge conversion chart or a spring charge calculator to transform from both lb / in (kilos in line with inch) or kg / mm (kilograms in line with millimeter). Spring charges are necessarily how stiff or how comfortable the spring is. Spring charges additionally mean you can customise your dealing with by means of adjusting for a less assailable or softer spring charge within the entrance or rear to positive track your stability.

For a fast and each and every spring charge conversion chart from lb/in to kg/mm (or vice versa), see underneath:

700 lb/in = 12.5 kg/mm
650 lb/in = 11.6 kg/mm
600 lb/in = 10.7 kg/mm
550 lb/in = 9.8 kg/mm
500 lb/in = 8.9 kg/mm
450 lb/in = 8 kg/mm
400 lb/in = 7.1 kg/mm
350 lb/in = 6.2 kg/mm
300 lb/in = 5.3 kg/mm
250 lb/in = 4.5 kg/mm

Convert spring charge values simply

Above, we display you the most well liked conversion metrics that make up 99% of coilover and spring setups. To get somewhat extra granular, you’ll see the kg/mm to lbs/in conversion underneath, which works the entire method to 16 KG/MM (tremendous stiff!) to two.0 KG/MM (tremendous comfortable)

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16 = 896
15 = 840
14 = 784
13 = 728
12 = 672
11 = 616
10 = 560
9.0 = 504
8.5 = 476
8.0 = 448
7.5 = 420
7.0 = 392
6.5 = 364
6.0 = 336
5.5 = 308
5.0 = 280
4.5 = 252
4.0 = 224
3.0 = 168
2.0 = 112

fast reference chart

What Spring Charges will have to I am getting?

Having a spring charge converter is superb, however what does this all imply? We are hoping you employ this conversion chart to get a foundation of the entire other coilover and decreasing springs in the market. For instance, let’s say you could have a Nissan 350Z and you wish to have to get coilovers. Make a listing of the manufacturers to your funds that you’re taking into consideration and write down their spring charges and different options. Then evaluate the spring charges between them to get a normal thought of which of them are roughly stiff, which impacts dealing with and experience.

It’s true that some spring charges don’t evaluate without delay between manufacturers as a result of some manufacturers have other surprise valving changes and that makes the spring charges impact the experience and dealing with another way. We all the time counsel talking with a certified tuner for your particular objectives along with your automotive and they are able to will let you decide what spring charges you want.

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We’d love to begin a dialogue – what spring charges do you could have for your automotive or truck and what logo coilovers? Did you pass with the default spring charges or did you get them customized? Did you get swift springs? Remark underneath!